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Human Rights Funding Awards Announced


2011-2012 Human Rights Institute Faculty Fellowship

                    Sarah Winter, English

                "The Novel, Habeas Corpus, and Human Rights", Book Project

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Fall 2011 Programming Funding

                Colin Carlson, ECOalition/ EcoHouse

                "Human Conservation: A Symposium on Environmental Justice."  

                Fe Delos-Santos, Asian American Studies

                "'Ground Zero' and Human Rights: Past, Present and Future."

                Lisa Hastings, Community Outreach

                "Haiti Earthquake Speaker: Dan Wooley."

                Nancy Naples, Women's Studies

                "Public Lecture by Sandra Harding."

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Fall 2011 Workshop Funding

                Eleni Coundouriotis, Samuel Martinez, Glenn Mitoma, Cathy Schlund-Vials

                English, Anthropology, and Human Rights

                "The Category of 'Perpetrator' in Human Rights Discourse."

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Faculty Research Grant Funding

                Gary English, Drama

                "Theatre and Human Rights: The Arab/Israeli Conflict."

                Charles B. Lansing, History

                "German Nazi Hunters: The Central Agency and Germany's

                Belated Search for Justice."

                Samuel Martinez, Anthropology

                "Onion of Oppression Manuscript Translation and Review."

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Grad Student Research Funding

                Issac Ampofo, International Studies

                "The Formulation and Implementation of Policies in the Maternal

                Health Sector of Ghana."

                Robert Allen Booth, Anthropology

                "War Remembered: Museums and the Contestations of World War II


                Cathy Buerger, Anthropology

                "The Impact of Religious and Political Identities on Legal Strategies in


                Michele Eggers, Social Work

                "Reproductive Health and Human Rights in Chile."

                Maria Fernanda Enriquez, Political Science

                "The Right to Nature in Ecuador."

                Melissa Skye Kerr, Anthropology

                "Assessing the Economic and Social Benefits of Carpet Weaving for

                 Repatriated Afghan Refugee Women."

                Jennifer Willett, Social Work

                "Environmental Injustice in Mombasa, Kenya."

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