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Human Rights Funding Applications Due Oct. 12th

The Human Rights Institute is now accepting proposals for the Human Rights Program Funding and Human Rights Faculty Workshop for Spring 2012:

Spring 2012 Human Rights Program Funding

The Human Rights Program Funding (formerly the Human Rights Initiative) is seeking proposals for human rights events for Spring 2012.  Another competition will be run during the Spring 2012 semester to fund programs for Fall 2012.

In previous years this program has funded speakers, films, workshops, art exhibits and theatrical productions. Applications will be accepted from university departments, faculty, student groups, institutes and cultural centers from all UConn campuses.

More information is available at:


Spring 2012 Human Rights Faculty Workshop

The Human Rights Institute will fund one faculty-led human rights workshop conference in Spring 2011.  The workshop conference will bring to campus 3-5 scholars from external institutions to interact with UConn faculty over a 1-2 day period on a substantive human rights theme. Application consists of a rationale (5 page max), a list of expected participants and a draft budget up to $10,000, including all costs of administrative support, travel, catering, accommodation etc. All proposals will be reviewed and ranked by a multidisciplinary review committee chaired by the Director of the Human Rights Institute and comprised of members of the Gladstein Committee. Priority will be given to proposals which envisage a publication or research grant proposal ensuing from the event.

All application should be submitted electronically in PDF format to If you have any questions please call 860-486-8739 or email

More information is available at: