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Namaste: Request for Submissions

Namaste is the student human rights journal published through the University of Connecticut Human Rights Institute.   Submissions are sought for fiction and creative pieces, non-fiction papers and essays, poetry, photography, and art work.

“Namaste” is a common Hindi greeting. The array of contexts in which it is used gives it a transcendent quality. It has, over time, come to be interpreted as something of a universal gesture of empathy and good will. With the publication of each issue of Namaste the Human Rights Institute seeks to evoke the very same sentiments that are embodied in the phrase from which it derives its name.

The submission deadline is February 17th; the submission criteria are listed below and the submission form can be accessed here.  Please send your submissions to

Submission Criteria

All submissions must focus primarily on human rights and submitters are encouraged to choose a topic that relates to United States. That said, the piece's focus does not necessarily need to be an issue which takes place in the US, but that at least relates to the US.

Papers, Essays, Reports, and the like...

Maximum 2,500 word count.
Times New Roman, 12 pt font.
Please cite with: APA (6th edition), Chicago Manual of Style  (16th edition), or MLA (3rd edition). Don't know these referencing systems off the top of your head?? Here are some useful links:


Poetry and other artistic written word submissions...

Feel free to be as creative as you would like with the formatting and layout of the poem. However, please ensure that the poem can be fit within three pages on Microsoft Word. If you are working on a longer piece and would like to discuss possibilities for publication, please contact the editors at

Photography and other graphic submissions

Please submit photography in a jpeg, Microsoft Word, or Adobe PDF document. Please submit only up to ten photographs. The journal is physically 5 inches wide so we ask that you double-check that your submissions will still convey their desired messages at this size.


If you are interested in other forms of submissions please contact the editors at