Social Science & Medicine Volume 74, Issue 6

Social Science & Medicine

Special Issue: Migration, 'illegality', and health: Mapping embodied vulnerability and debating health-related deservingness

Volume 74, Issue 6, Pages 805-948 (March 2012)

Edited by Sarah Willen, University of Connecticut

Special Issue Articles

Migration, “illegality,” and health: Mapping embodied vulnerability and debating health-related deservingness, Sarah S. Willen

How is health-related “deservingness” reckoned? Perspectives from unauthorized im/migrants in Tel Aviv, Sarah S. Willen

Beyond welfare reform: Reframing undocumented immigrants’ entitlement to health care in the United States, a critical review, Anahí Viladrich

“Over-Foreignization” or “Unused Potential”? A critical review of migrant health in Germany and responses toward unauthorized migration, Heide Castañeda

Medical humanitarianism, human rights and political advocacy: The case of the Israeli Open Clinic, Nora Gottlieb, Dani Filc, Nadav Davidovitch

Deserving to a point: Unauthorized immigrants in San Francisco’s universal access healthcare model, Helen B. Marrow

Special Issue Part I: ‘Deservingness’ and the politics of health care, Carolyn Sargent

Intangible obstacles: Health implications of stigmatization, structural violence, and fear among undocumented immigrants in France, Stéphanie Larchanché

Exploitation, vulnerability to tuberculosis and access to treatment among Uzbek labor migrants in Kazakhstan, Samantha A. Huffman, Jaap Veen, Monique M. Hennink, Deborah A. McFarland

The clinical gaze in the practice of migrant health: Mexican migrants in the United States, Seth M. Holmes

Deservingness to state health services for South–South migrants: A preliminary study of Costa Rican providers’ views, Kate Goldade, Kolawole S. Okuyemi

Undocumented immigrants and their use of medical services in Orange County, California, Leo R. Chavez

Special Issue Part II: Illegalization and Embodied Vulnerability in Health, James Quesada

Regular articles

The impact of migration in all-cause mortality: The Turin Longitudinal Study, 1971–2005, Domenica Rasulo, Teresa Spadea, Roberta Onorati, Giuseppe Costa

Loneliness, health, and mortality in old age: A national longitudinal study, Ye Luo, Louise C. Hawkley, Linda J. Waite, John T. Cacioppo

Stereotypes of mental disorders differ in competence and warmth, Melody S. Sadler, Elizabeth L. Meagor, Kimberly E. Kaye

Socioeconomic status and the development of depressive symptoms from childhood to adulthood: A longitudinal analysis across 27 years of follow-up in the Young Finns study, Marko Elovainio, Laura Pulkki-Råback, Markus Jokela, Mika Kivimäki, Mirka Hintsanen, Taina Hintsa, Jorma Viikari, Olli T. Raitakari, Liisa Keltikangas-Järvinen

Social determinants of health – A question of social or economic capital? Interaction effects of socioeconomic factors on health outcomes, Johanna Ahnquist, Sarah P. Wamala, Martin Lindstrom

Community Health Workers in Brazil’s Unified Health System: A framework of their praxis and contributions to patient health behaviors, Rogério M. Pinto, Sueli Bulhões da Silva, Rafaela Soriano

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